Irrawaddy river cruise Myanmar


The meaning of NMAI HKA?

  • En My Kha (pronunciation)
  • အင္မိုင္ခ (ဗမာအသံထြက္)

NMAI HKA means “Never Separate” in Kachin language.

The Nmai Hka River is the Kachin name of one of two main tributary rivers which join together to form Myanmar’s largest river, the Irrawaddy River.  In Burmese the Nmai Hka River it is referred to as the May Kha River.

The Nmai Hka River originates from the Himalaya glaciers in Northern Myanmar at about 28* north latitude. It is not navigable because of its strong currents. The river flows for approximately 300 miles (480 Km) before it finally merges into the beautiful Irrawaddy (Ayeryarwaddy) River.

The meeting point of the Nmai Kha River and the Mali Kha River is referred to in Myanmar as the Myitsone, and is one of the most significant cultural heritage sites for Kachin people, and an important landmark for all of Myanmar. In Burmese the Nmai Hka River it is referred to as the May Kha River.


Like a journey along the Nmai Hka River, life is also a journey -- a series of highs and lows. Life is one beautiful struggle or nothing at all.  We struggle. We strive. We yearn for a better life.  This is “why we love the NMAI HKA.”

We also adopt this philosophy in our company striving to provide our customers with reliable and responsible quality service.   Your satisfaction is our priority.

The story of our NMAI HKA

  • U Brang Aung, a native of Kachin State, originated the NMAI HKA brand, with the vision of creating a long-term sustainable business that provided employment for people in his homeland, Kachin State, which is one of the poorest states in Myanmar.
  • In 2012, the company initiated an Irrawaddy River cruise for tourists between Mandalay and Bagan and between Mandalay, Katha, and Banmaw.  The journey was made along the Shwe Kennery, a government-owned vessel.
  • Subsequently, we established RV NMAI HKA with two privately owned cruise boats.  The cruise operates on the Irrawaddy river between Mandalay and Bagan.
  • In 2015, we launched the Hotel Katha, in Sagaing Region.  the next business that was set-up to support his river boat cruise, was to build and launch a new Hotel, called HOTEL KATHA, based in Katha, upper Sagaing Region near Kachin State. The purpose of this was to link the hotel to KATHA, the beautiful township where the English writer, George Orwell stayed in, when he lived in Burma in the 1920 as a policeman. There, he wrote his famous novel, Burmese Days. Today, many tourists travel annually to KATHA (known as Kyauktada in the novel) to visit the place where George Orwell stayed and visit the same historical buildings and places that are described in his book.
  • In 2018, the company renovated and launched a simple local style motel called INDAWGYI MOTEL, located at Indawgyi Natural Lake in Kachin State.

In conclusion, we wish to serve you during your travels in Myanmar with these three different services under our NMAI HKA brand.

Please come and join with us for great values and a best price guarantee.