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    (Mandalay-Bagan) Ticket Price: 42 USD

    Journey on the Irrawaddy (Ayeryarwaddy) River between Royal Mandalay and Ancient Bagan is now very popular in Myanmar (Burma). This memorable river journey taken by RV NMAI HKA Cruises,

    • safety designed under American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules & Guides,
    • Safety Certified by Department of Marine Administration under Ministry of Transport and Communications,
    • Licence from Ministry of Transport and Communications, Myanmar.

    This is a kind of Day-Cruise vessel with hospitable crews. Each cruise boats have 90-seats. Dining room at the upper desk offers tea/coffee, breakfast and lunch-all included in the ticket price. And have spacious sundeck for taking relax to feel fresh and can also enjoy the spectacular views of historical monuments and picturesque sights along the river.

    Irrawaddy River Cruising

    We offer a memorable journey on the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwaddy) River between Royal Mandalay and Ancient Bagan.

    • Mandalay-Bagan downstream itinerary (10 hour cruising)
    • Bagan-Mandalay upstream itinerary      (11 hour cruising)
    • During downstream cruising, 45 minutes stops for the historic Yandabo sight-seeing, the old village and the Monument site on the east bank of the river where the Burmese and British signed a Peace treaty at the end of the first Burma-Anglo war. And also get experience fun with traditional pottery making there.
    • Enjoy a comfortable and safe journey aboard our modern cruise ship with our hospitable crew, while enjoying the spectacular view of historic monuments, romantic scenery, and glimpses of local life along the river. In the main deck, there are 90 furnished reclining seats and a spacious sundeck for relaxing and sunbathing.
      Can also enjoy the most Interesting and picturesque sights along the river.
    • The dining room at the upper deck offers delicious cuisine and drinks along the journey and which offers tea, coffee, breakfast and lunch inclusive of the ticket price.



    For your own Comfort & Safety

    • Safety designed with double bottom and 5 bulkheads under American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules & Guidelines
    • Safety Certified by the Department of Marine Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Myanmar.
    • Licenced by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Myanmar.
    • In each cruise boat has 100 lifejackets, 8 lifebuoys, GPS, VHF-C-16 Radio, fire drill and necessary fire safety equipment.

    Enjoy the Classical River Journey with

    The Latest and Safest RV NMAI HKA Irrawaddy River Cruise

    Services Available on Boat

    • Air Con
    • Drinks
    • Restaurant
    • Easy Chair on Sun Desk
    • Customer Care Services
    • Complimentary Breakfast, Lunch & Tea-time Available